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In the early 1980’s, Tagaytay City had several public elementary and two secondary
schools but no private school, much more a Catholic school.
Many parents with preschool children had wanted to send their children to a private
school but only few could afford to enroll at the nearest kindergarten located in the next
Most parents believe in Christian Education and were aware that private pre-elementary
and elementary schools could provide greater advantage and opportunities for social
adjustments, values formation and enrichment of home life. Responding to this need,
the Secular Franciscans Order (SFO) in the Parish of Our Lady of Lourdes, Tagaytay
City founded the Saint Francis of Assisi Academy (SFAA) in 1986.
SFO is a fraternity of lay people who aims to follow Christ in the spirit of St. Francis of
Assisi. In its first year of operational, SFAA rented a former restaurant owned by Atty.
Trinidad Salcedo in Silang Crossing where twenty-one kindergarten and twenty-two
preparatory pupils were enrolled.
Then in 1988, the school was transferred to a leased lot beside Lourdes Church until it
finally moved into a two-storey building built in a lot owned by the SFO, Tagaytay
Fraternity in 2003. Through the years, SFAA became famous because it promoted
quality education and continuously produced graduates who excelled in the field of
academics in the secondary level where they were enrolled. To strengthen the mission
of the SFO, they entrusted the SFAA to the full administration of DICES on March 29,